Kleen Bikini Shave
Smooth & Tight Fade Cream
For men & women, all skin types of every ethnic group


Smooth & Tight Fade Cream is unlike any other skin cream on the market today. It works equally as well on men and women, dark and light complexions of every ethnic group. Very positive results can be seen within 24-48 hours of first use.

Smooth & Tight Fade Cream Will Deliver:

  • Significant reduction of facial wrinkles
  •  Soft, voluptuous lips (use as a lip moisturizer)
  • Unmatched smooth, tighten and toned skin complexion.
  • Significant reduction of age spots,skin blotches, and blemishes. 
  • Enhanced production of healthy, radiant new looking skin.
  • Youthful looking natural skin tone without hydroquinone bleaching.

Many women have skin discoloration in the bikini area. Our smooth & tight fade cream works naturally to restore original skin tone and smoothness on the face, neck, and the bikini area. Daily use will produce outstanding results in as little as (3) days!  Consistent daily use will help restore original skin tone and smoothness in 1-2 weeks when used daily. Use immediately after shaving and/ or before bed. Smooth & Tight Fade Cream is non-greasy, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. 


Your friends and co-workers will notice the increased smoothness and decreased facial wrinkles within the first week. Smooth & Tight Fade Cream will reduce the appearance of existing facial wrinkles, and will significantly slow their future development. It is formulated to promote collagen production by nourishing the skin with natural botanical antioxidants and vitamins that work together synergistically. Your skin will not only look great, it will feel great too. It is a premier fade cream without hydroquinone. (bleaching agent) In fact, Smooth & Tight fade cream can be used on dry, chapped or irritated skin. 

Smooth & Tight Fade Cream can help restore dry, flaky or cracked cuticles, and strengthen thin or brittle nails.  Its all natural ingredients include: shea butter,coconut oil, clary sage, jasmine; licorice root, blackberry root, and witch hazel extracts.   Buy Now  ,,only $21.99 (2 oz.) size. Order online today