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The gold standard of shaving satisfaction
Kleen Shave Hygienic Shave Soap will leave your skin soft and clean. It will deliver a smooth, soft and clean shave every time you shave. It doesn't matter if you shave with an expensive or inexpensive razor. Its hygienic formula provides a close shave without razor bumps, irritation, itch, or ingrown hair. Kleen Shave's soothing organic botanicals like Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil will prevent common razor burn, bumps, ingrown hair, and itching from shaving irritation. Regular use will help clear pre-existing razor bumps, ingrown hair, and hyperpigmentation. Dark and uneven skin tones will become brighter and more radiant with regular use.
Kleen Shave will deliver the perfect shave for both men and women with sensitive skin. Kleen Shave Wet Shaving Aloe Soap is available in (2) sizes. The Travel size has approximately (25) shaves, the 5.5 oz. size has approximately (90) plus shaves.
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