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KleenShave Pro Lather Is different from most anti-bump shaving products

It can change the way you think about shaving.  

PFB, (Pseudofolliculitis barbae) is the medical name for common shaving bumps in the beard region, when infection of the hair follicles is not the cause. When infection is not the cause, the most common cause of shaving bumps is an INFLAMMATORY REACTION OF THE SKIN TO SHAVING! The most common  inflammatory reaction for African Americans occurs when the tip of wiry shaved hair curves inward and punctures the skin as it grows. KleenShave Pro Lather shaving cream floods the skin and hair follicles with natural anti-inflammatory herbal extracts, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. The new, rejuvenated, more relaxed hair grows out of the revitalized skin without triggering shaving bumps. It doesn't matter how often you shave, or how close you shave. You will not get razor bumps or ingrown hair when you shave with KleenShave Pro Lather. All three products, Pro Lather, BumpMaster, and ExtraPoint, are effective pseudofolliculitis barbae treatments.

A few less common INFLAMMATORY REACTIONS OF THE SKIN TO SHAVING include shaving with a dull or pitted razor, harsh detergents and chemicals in many hand soaps and aerosol shaving creams, and impurities on the skin, or previously used razor.

                                               A New Shaving Paradigm

    "feel good" clean shave...without bumps or ingrown hair.

                         KleenShave Pro Lather is hand made with natural ingredients   

KleenShave promises a zero razor bump shaving experience when you use our synergistic formula of botanical essential oils and natural soap. Get the shaving results you deserve; no razor bumps, razor burn, rash or ingrown hair, even if you shave everyday! Even with today's high priced triple and quad blade magic strip razors, a lot of black guys still get the same ol' nicks, razor bumps and ingrown hair  that our fathers and grandfathers did. More black men shaving than any other group experience razor bumps, and ingrown hair. KleenShave's new shaving paradigm includes shaving solutions for the approximately 20% of non-blacks that have sensitive skin shaving issues similar to those of 70% of African American men. KleenShave product formulations are targeted toward the shaving issues of African Americans; the group with the highest percentage of razor bumps and ingrown hair. Since KleenShave products are highly effective on the toughest shaving issues, it's a slam dunk for all the rest. Start shopping. And many women want to know how to prevent shaving bumps in the bikini area. KleenShave shaving products are the solution to all these challenges!  Buy Now


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KleenShave shaving products will protect your skin from inflammatory irritation when you shave with almost any brand of razor bladeHowever, we strongly recommend our own, KleenShave double blade razor. Either the moisturizing Pro Lather shaving cream, or Old School Shave Soap will prevent razor burn, razor bumps and rash. You will see positive results with your very first shave with either one of these products.

If you already have either PFB, (pseudofolliculitis barbae), razor bumps on the face, neck, or bikini line, use KleenShave Pro Lather as a skin cleanser-conditioner for 2-3 days without shaving.  Also use ExtraPoint pseudofolliculitis skin treatment. Apply it with a cotton swab (Q-tip) firmly to individual bumps. Your razor bumps will disappear like magic. Then, only shave with KleenShave products.  If you have hyper-pigmentation in your beard or neck area, use KleenShave Smooth & Tight Fade Cream. It is all natural and works very fast to restore original skin tone and and smoothness. click here!


Just for you guys that will not use a razor blade no matter what, we have formulated an all natural anti-shaving bump product for use with an electric shaver, trimmer and clippers. KleenShave BumpMaster pre-shave / post- shave for Electric Shavers .

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