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Smooth & Tight Fade Cream

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KleenShave Smooth & Tight Fade Cream is formulated with all natural ingredients and is effective for all skin types; for both men and women of every ethnic group. Unlike many other fade creams, Smooth & Tight will fade dark spots, hyper-pigmentation from razor burn, acne, and other skin discolorations, without bleaching agents.

It is well known that many African American men have hyper-pigmentation in the beard and neck area from shaving trauma, even years after razor bump challenges have been solved. But many women also have skin discoloration in the bikini area. Our smooth & tight fade cream works naturally to restore original skin tone and smoothness on the face, and the bikini area. The super moisturizing feature of Smooth & Tight will produce outstanding results in as little as (7) days with daily use.  Consistent daily use will help restore original skin tone and smoothness in 3-6 weeks. Use immediately after shaving and/or before bed.

KleenShave Smooth & Tight Fade Cream contains pure shea butter, plus other natural ingredients that quickly start to produce an even skin complexion. It works well on both dark and light complexions. It is fast, safe, effective, and all natural. 

A little goes a long way.  100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

The (2) oz. (60 ml ) jar is only $21.99  100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 


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