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KleenShave Gel
slick & smooth

KleenShave Gel is one of the most effective KleenShave shaving products in the battle against PFB, (pseudofolliculitis barbae). KleenShave Gel will put points on your score board both in your career and your social life. When it comes to shaving issues, KleenShave Gel will clear up a "BAD" shaving situation in a hurry.

KleenShave Gel is "Slick & Smooth

  1. Delivers a very close, smooth and soothing shave.
  2. It will help the skin clear up razor bumps, pimples, and ingrown hair.
  3. Great for head shave, as well as face.

KleenShave Gel is a very good change-up shave in rotation with KleenShave Pro Lather, or Old School Shave Soap. It is very affordable, only $9.99 for the the (4) oz. size. A (4 oz.) bottle of KleenShave Gel should last 2-3 months with regular use; 4-6 months when used in rotation with Pro Lather, or Old School Shave Soap.

KleenShave Gel is formulated to control inflammatory skin reactions to shaving. It floods the skin with natural anti-inflammatory vitamins and antioxidants. KleenShave Gel creates a protective barrier on the skin against shaving irritation, razor burn, and bumps. Its healing facilitating herbal ingredients include organic aloe vera, clove and lavender oils, and more....

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For severe bumps and ingrown hairs caused by shaving with razors, electric shavers and depilatories, use KleenShave ExtraPoint pseudofolliculitis skin treatment.

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