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Ingrown hair Pseudofolliculitis treatment


KleenShave ExtraPoint is a skin treatment formula for ingrown hair, shaving bumps, razor burn, and other skin rashes. It is helpful in relieving skin irritations from shaving with a blade, clippers, or electric shaver. It is an effective treatment for both razor bumps and ingrown hair. It can also be used for non-shaving skin conditions such as acne. ExtraPoint provides a soothing and gentle natural barrier of protection against bacteria and other irritants which can be the cause of many blemish issues.

KleenShave ExtraPoint:  a pseudofolliculitis barbae treatment, deep pore cleanser, and moisturizer.

It fights bacteria and other irritants below the skin level, which helps free ingrown hair trapped under the skin. (Transfollicular penetration) ExtraPoint also helps free ingrown hair that grows out of the skin, but curls back into the skin creating a loop of hair on the surface. (Extrafollicular penetration). ExtraPoint is rich in natural vitamin E, is easily absorbed by skin, and it can be applied to face, neck, head and bikini areas.

How to get rid of razor bumps and ingrown hair on the beard, neck, or ladies' bikini line. Directions

Apply KleenShave ExtraPoint lightly to skin. Wait 2 minutes; apply a hot wet towel or wash cloth to skin until towel or cloth is cool. You can re-apply hot wet towel a second time without applying more ExtraPoint.

Apply ExtraPoint before bedtime. Apply hot wet towel to skin first thing the next morning.

For severe bumps, apply ExtraPoint to a cotton swab (Q-tip) and firmly press the ExtraPoint oiled swab directly into each individual bump. Hold with pressure for 3-5 seconds. This action will dissolve razor bumps and free ingrown hair without using tweezers.The razor bumps will start to clear-up within the hour, and will be completely clean within 12-24 hours.