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Kleen Shave Men

A great shaving value

The large 5.5 0z. (180 ml) size Kleen Shave hygienic Wet Shaving Soap has over 90 plus shaves of rich herbal anti-bump lather, about $0.22 a shave.

The Kleen Shave Travel size has about (25) shave per bottle, but it is still an outstanding value at $0.28 per shave. But there are more benefits from using Kleen Shave Wet Shaving Soap. 

Regular use will:

Prevent and eliminate razor bumps, rash, itch, razor burn, 

prevent and eliminate hype-pigmentation.

save you money on expensive razors and blades

One great shaving product for both men and women with sensitive skin.

Buy Travel size $6.99

Buy 5.5 oz. (180 ml) $19.99

"the gold standard of shaving satisfaction"                                                                  We accept all major credits, debit cards and PayPal


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