Kleen Bikini Shave
Old School Shave Soap
for men & women


KleenShave Old School Shave Soap™ combines the best of the best natural ingredients, herbal expertise and soap making talent, to deliver an outstanding value and shaving results. There are approximately 180 shaves per container.

All of our shaving products are exceptional and unique. KleenShave Old School Shave Soap cleanses without stripping or upsetting the delicate natural ph balance necessary for soft, healthy skin. It allows you to use hot, warm, or cold water for your lather. It softens the thickest and most coarse hair. Our shave soap is formulated with the highest quality double distilled and deodorized coconut oil. We then mix the glycerin with aloe vera, and infuse it with the Mullein leaf herb and other natural ingredients. KleenShave Old School Shave Soap helps condition the skin for relief from ingrown hair, shaving irritation and razor bumps 

KleenShave Old School Shave Soap works for men and women of all skin types and ethnic groups. For women, it offers a unique shaving experience for bikini lines, armpits, as well as legs.

We guarantee that KleenShave Old School Shave Soap will last for at least (6) months of shaving, or we will give you a new Old School Shave Soap free. 

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