Kleen Bikini Shave
Kleen Shave Razor

The Kleen Shave Razor is a premium twin blade razor. It can be used with any shaving cream, but we highly recommend that you use it with one of our wet shaving products; KleenShave Pro Lather or Old School Shave Soap. The easy rinse, long lasting high quality stainless steel twin blades gives a smooth, close, clean shave.

This is NOT a disposable razor. Twin replacement blades are affordable. (1) cartridges has (5) twin blades, for only $5.99. Each twin blade will provide (7- 10) close, comfortable, smooth shaves. The Kleen Shave Razor comes loaded with (1) twin blade.

The Kleen Shave Razor comes separate, or in this beautiful hard body case.  Buy Now