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Kleen Shave Reviews
Kleen Shave shaving soap is "The Best" for shaving my legs, underarms, and especially my little pesky chin hairs.
Dear Ben,
I ordered the KleenShave, and the products work better than advertised!  I wish I had found out about KleenShave sooner. I am telling all my friends about you now.
Carlos D.
Germantown, MD
Hey Ben,
One of your KleenShave "Old School Shave Soap" customers introduced me to your product. Now I am a big fan!
Jacques Lesure,
Inglewood, CA
Mr. Benford,
I wrote a testimonial when I first started using KleenShave a few years ago. But again, this is the greatest product next to slice bread and microwave ovens! I told my wife after shaving this morning, " I love this stuff!"
Dean R., Sr.
Newport News, VA
 KleenShave Team;
I am a beautiful Italian woman, and I use KleenShave for shaving my bikini area, legs etc. It works wonders for me in every way.
Ashley Mauriello
Great products! Keep up the good work. I like that they are made with natural ingredients.
Dean M.,
Newport News, VA

Dear Sir:

I am still using the same old brand of safety razor that I always do, but with KleenShave, I get a MUCH closer shave. I like the KleenShave smell and the way it feels on my face.

Duane H., Retired. Jersey City, N. J. 


 Dear KleenShave,

Thank you for inventing KleenShave Shaving product. It is the BEST anti-bump product that I have ever used, and I have tried most of them. I have already told my friends about this wonderful product, and will continue to tell other people that I meet.

David G., West Mifflin, PA 


Dear KleenShave,

I have to tell you, I love your product. I got a sample bottle from a friend and I had doubts about using  it because I have tried other products over the years and 4 days is about the limit of time I can use them. I would then break out and my skin would get real irritated. I've been using this for about 3 weeks now and have no problems. My face is starting to feel smooth for the first time in almost 30 years. I won't have to use the smelly powder stuff again and that's nice. I will be ordering more of your product this week. Thanks for making it.

Lenny D. - Round Rock, TX  


Dear KleenShave,

I have tried most of the so called solutions for razor bumps, but nothing worked for me. I even tried a messy, smelly depilatory powder. I know from personal experience that if a person uses KleenShave as directed, the shaving bumps will disappear. Also, my son has tried several prescription products on his acne, and so far your KleenShave has done the best job of controlling his problem.

Jim L. - Small Business Owner, Dallas Metroplex


Hey Mr. KleenShave,

Your Kleen Shave is every bit as good as advertised. My job requires a clean close shave EVERY DAY! KleenShave does the job with no razor irritation. My face is as smooth as a baby's backside!

Mike - Engineer, Austin, Tx.    





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