Kleen Bikini Shave
Bikini Shaving
Legs and underarms

If you want a close, smooth, clean shave for your legs and bikini area, try Kleen Bikini Shave. It is a quick moisturizing lather, made with luxurious natural soap, witch hazel and aloe vera; clove, wintergreen, cary sage, and lavender essential oils. The essential oils in KleenShave provide natural antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and bactericide benefits.  

Our KleenShave formulas exfoliates, clears pores, and moisturizes your skin as you shave. KleenShave is guaranteed to prevent razor irritation, rash and bumps in the bikini area. It's soothing botanicals help prevent razor burn and bumps, and help promote healing to clear your skin of existing razor bumps. If you want great looking legs and bikini lines, smooth underarms without shaving irritation, use Kleen Bikini Shave when you shave.

If you already have razor bumps, rash, itching, or ingrown hair in the delicate bikini area, you should start using Kleen Bikini Shave now.